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Short vocational booklet of about me...

My name is Noemi Prazsmary.
I work as a restorer of antique object and as an artist.
7. November 1973, Budapest, Hungary

I​ currently work in the United Arab Emirates.
( National Museum Of Ras Al Khaimah )

If you are interested in a conservation work send me an email!

My restorer activity can be defined:

Archaeological finds, museum objects of clay, ceramic, glazed ceramic, porcelain, glass and bone, wood and metal objects completion and the restoration.

Antique objects and antiques: damaged, broken, incomplete Murano glass decorated antique Venetian mirrors repair and restoration. Broken, chipped, damaged glass, ceramic, porcelain, and antiquities glass, porcelain, ceramic objects, sculptures, figurines, vases and other (bone, wood, metal, ceramic) ornaments, repair and professional restoration. Ornate picture or mirror frame damage to the restoration. The gilding, silvering and oxidizing of antiquities.

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• Professional career •
Present Restorer
National Museum Of Ras Al Khaimah
(United Arab Emirates)
2015-2022 restorer business
Archaeological excavations abroad
conservation, restoration, documentation
2004-2014 Arlea Art restorer business
Archeosztrada Kft. Hungary
archaeological excavations, museum activities, restoration
2004-2005 Restorer, conservator
Tragor Ignac Museum
2600 Vac, Zrinyi u.41/a. Hungary
1999-2004 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts Institute
5 years conservation training program
1998-2004 Conservator
Archaeological Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1250 Budapest, Uri u.49.
ceramic (Zsolnay) spouting water:Gellert thermal bath in Budapest(reconstruction in bath)
reconstruction Zsolnay ceramics and pyro-granite ornaments in the Varkert Bazaar-Budapest
⬥ Voluntary work for MA degree ( 2004.01.01- 2004.07.14. )
Conservation work of a mirror from Venice (19. century) which is decorated with glass micromosaics and additional glass application..
▸  Short vocational booklet of restorer biography:
excavation, restoring of archaeological finds
excavation, restoring of archaeological finds
excavation, restoring of archaeological finds

⬥ Undertake:

Restoring, conservation, retouch and reconstruction of special clay, china ceramics and porcelaine pottery, glass antiquities, mirrors with glass and/or micromosaic decoration, Venice-Venetian mirrors (Murano style) and other Murano glass objects antique works of art, sculptures from different historical times and artists, that have been damaged, broken, need cleaning and or completing owned by museums, auctioners, private collections and galleries.

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Dear visitors Thank you for look at my page!

My name is Noemi Prazsmary.
I work as a restorer of antique object and as an artist.

My restorer activity can be defined:
⬥ Restoring of antique Venetian mirror.
⬥ Archaeological finds and museum objects.
⬥ Antique objects and antiques.

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